Laravel Eloquent Recipes

Martin Joo
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35 Tips and Tricks to Mastering Laravel's Eloquent ORM

Eloquent is the most important part of our favorite framework. As a Laravel developer, you need to know it very well.

This short PDF contains 35 top-performing Eloquent-related tips. They earned 100000s impressions and 1000s likes on Twitter.

Delivered to you in 4 categories.

Basic Eloquent Recipes

  • How to use the new Attribute cast in Laravel 8

  • How to avoid if-else statements with the when helper

  • Or how to hide sensitive information with invisible columns

Relationship Recipes

  • How to avoid null checking with the withDefault

  • How you can write high-level code using the whereRelation or whereBelongsTo

  • How you can write custom relationship logic using the ofMany

Factory and Migration Recipes

  • How to write migrations that almost read like an English sentence

  • How you can save code with Factory States

Other Eloquent Related Recipes

  • How to log every database query with 5 lines of code.

  • How to avoid N+1 queries

These Eloquent tips will help you write cleaner, more efficient code.

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Laravel Eloquent Recipes

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