Domain-Driven Design with Laravel - Premium Package

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Are You Tired Of Monster Controllers And Models?

📚 You can download a 49-page sample chapter here.

"Domain-Driven Design with Laravel" is the essential guide to implementing DDD the Laravel way. The book covers topics like:

  • Simplifying ugly controllers with the help of Actions
  • Leaning out your models with Custom Query Builders
  • Using View Models to query data for a specific page
  • Writing very high-level code with Custom Collections
  • Getting rid of random arrays like $data using Value Objects and DTOs
  • Removing annoying status strings like draft or approved with States and Transitions
  • Structuring your code using Domains and Applications
  • Applying CQRS in the most simple yet effective form
  • …And much more

All of the above by building a complex, real-world application. No “hello world” or “smells like a Youtube tutorial” examples. We will implement an e-mail marketing application such as ConvertKit or MailChimp, to be more precise.

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This package contains the 259-page book, a 20-page DDD case study, a 30-page testing guide, a 15-page static analysis guide, the source code of a portfolio tracker app, the source code of MailTool.

259 pages
DDD Case Study
20 pages
Testing Complex Features
33 pages
Static Analysis And CI/CD Pipelines
18 pages
MailTool Source Code
Portfolio Tracker Source Code
10.2 MB
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Domain-Driven Design with Laravel - Premium Package

18 ratings
I want this!